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Domain Aliases

Note: domain aliases and sub-domains do not come with FTP or email capabilities.


Domain aliases

You can use a domain alias if you would like to have more than one domain name point to the same web address.  For example:

http://www.yourdomain.com  Main Domain
http://www.yourdomain.net  Domain Alias
http://www.yourdomain.org  Domain Alias
http://www.newdomain.com  Domain Alias

If someone were to view any of the above URL's, they would see the pages stored at yourdomain.com.

This feature is available on any plan at no additional cost.

NOTE:  Domain registration fee's will still apply to Domain Aliases.



There are several useful applications for Sub Domains.  Here's just a few examples:

Example 1:
Sub-Domains can be used to organize the content within your web site.

Consider the following URL's

http://www.yourdomain.com  Main Web Site
http://www.yourdomain.com/info  Your Company Information
http://www.yourdomain.com/contact  Your Company Contact Info.

Using sub-domains you can offer simpler URL's to your clients:



Example 2:
Sub-Domains can be used to create small web sites.

If you have a web site that you would like to put on the net, but it doesn't receive very much traffic, and doesn't need a lot of disk space, you can setup a Sub-Domain to point to a specific directory within your main web site.

points to

This will allow you store a separate set of web pages inside your main account under the "new_company" directory/folder, but if someone were to visit http://www.new_company.com, they would never know it wasn't setup as a full account.  The fact that its sitting within another account would be transparent to them.

NOTE:  Domain registration fee's will still apply to sub-domains.


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