Design Services

So I'm ready to get a website, but where do I begin? Should I attempt to build it myself using some design software, or do I leave it to the pros? Either way ... What do I want to put on my site? How do I get my information across as effectively as possible?

Target Web Services can design your site from the simplest business advertisement page to the most complex database driven sites using Active Server Pages. Best of all, financing is available for qualified customers.

Business Informational Site
This is the most standard design type for the average business. Put information about all your products and services on your site for the world to see!

Business Storefront Site
Do you have a few products (less than 10) you want to put on your site, along with information about your business and the products you are selling? The Business Storefront is for you!

E-Commerce Site
You have your product - Now to get it out there!

Database Driven Site

The Biggies! Whether you're incorporating your existing company product database or creating an interactive product catalog to creating an auction site - Make it more than a web page - Make it an online application!

Multimedia Flash Site
Have a new product that you want the world to rave about? Get more bang for your bandwidth buck using a fully interactive multimedia site with animation and sound.

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