IF YOU BUILD IT…they will come, right? WRONG!!

Far too often we field calls from budding entrepreneurs who want to put their mark on the Internet territory thinking that if they buy a $199 web page design software program from their local computer store and register their web site with the major search engines they will retire to the Bahamas and live the good life.

Well I hate to burst your bubble but it just isn't happening.

The payoff comes with taking your ideas and noting how much faster, reliable, and scalable they become when brought online. Businesses of all kind, large and small, need to engage in Internet Marketing. A business owner must be realistic with the ROI (return on investment) when investing in Internet marketing programs. These programs need to be targeted not broad based like TV and radio advertising and marketing. A strategic plan for a start up business or company with a minimal marketing budget. Careful and diligent research needs to take place to maximize exposure to your web site. You also need to make your order and fulfillment process completely automatic. Internet users are impulse buyers…when they find what they want you need to be able to close the deal or you WILL lose the sale. Your customer does not want to take the time to print out, complete, stuff, stamp, write a check and mail your order form. He or she wants to place and pay for the order now. We call this e-commerce credit card acceptance process-closing the sale. In other words…get their order, get their money and ship their product. It's that simple. Not accepting credit cards on the Internet is the kiss of death for an Internet business that could cost you as much as 50 to 60% of your potential sales. Why? Again, because Internet users are impulse buyers…when they see something they want they have to have NOW!

Make it easy for them to order, you must make your order and fulfillment process completely automatic so you can concentrate all of your time marketing your product, not doing paperwork, processing and shipping orders... especially when you have a successful product!

Target Web Services specializes in the development and implementation of strategic communications, marketing, and public relations programs for clients in a variety of industries utilizing the Internet as their primary advertising medium and virtual business.

We offer the following programs to assist companies with a small advertising and marketing budget:
Perform a basic competitive analysis of your product and competition.Prepare a basic marketing program to fit your budget.$600.00 LS
Marketing and Business Development Consultations (this includes but is not limited to instruction on marketing to AOL users, instruction on marketing in Internet portal clubs such as Yahoo, instruction for chat room marketing, affiliate program set up, research and market to targeted newsgroups, instruction on preparing a press release, instruction on link exchange programs).$175.00 HR
2 HR minimum
Automatic post to newsgroups
1 to 500
501 to 750$0.22/Message/Newsgroup
751 to 1000$0.12/Message/Newsgroup
1000 to ?$0.08/Message/Newsgroup
Search Engine Registration and Optimization$295.00 LS


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