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Disk storage

With our plan A account, you get 25 megabytes of disk storage.  This is usually more than enough to store your web pages on.  Our main web page with buttons, text and all come out to less than 100 Kilobytes.  That's one tenth of a megabyte!   Of course the more graphics you have on your site, the more space you will use.   Our Plan B comes with 50 megabytes of disk space.  This plan offers the extra space to accommodate graphics and multimedia.

POP3 accounts

POP3 accounts are full email accounts.  They allow you to send and receive email.   They come with their own username and password to access them.  With these you can create a very well organized site with different POP accounts for different areas of your web pages.

Email auto responders

Email auto responders allow you to setup an email account with the ability to auto-reply with a given message when someone sends email to it.  It looks like a pop account.   You have probably seen one when you send email to somewhere and it comes right back with "We got your email" or something to that effect.  That was most likely an auto responder.

Unlimited email forwarding

This feature allows you to setup email accounts that will forward email to a real POP account.  Email aliases don't have usernames and passwords, they just redirect mail sent to them to a real pop account.

Unlimited data transfer

This means that there are no bandwidth limits on your site.  You can get as many hits as you like and there will be no additional charge for it as long as it is just a standard set of web pages. If your site contains a software archive which consumes excessive bandwidth, extra charges may apply, however, we will always inform you before charging your account.

Access control

With access control, you can create directories and set unique usernames and passwords to allow people to access those directories.  If they don't have the username/password, they can't get into that directory via http.

Domain registration

While you will still be responsible for making payment for the domain name, Targetweb can handle the registration process for you.  We will charge you $120 for the first 2 years of domain registration and then $70 for each year thereafter.  If you would like to register a vanity domain (e.g. yourname.targetweb.net), there is no domain registration fee.  If you would like to register a domain other than .com, .net, and .org, Targetweb will not be able to assist you with the domain registration.

Microsoft FrontPage extensions

Microsoft FrontPage allows you to create your web pages on your computer, and then publish them to our servers in one easy step.  Microsoft FrontPage also comes with many features to help enhance your web site.  We support both FrontPage 2000, FrontPage 98.

Access to raw log files

We offer you access to raw access and error logs for your domain.  You can download them to your computer and run log analysis tools on them to see who's looking at your web pages and what they're looking at.

Your own cgi-bin directory

We allow you to add several already made cgi scripts, and we also allow you to build your own custom cgi scripts.

Battery backup

We have our servers plugged into UPS's.  This ensures that if the power goes out where the servers are located, your web page won't be affected.

Daily offsite backups

We back up our servers daily to ensure that in the case of a hard drive crash or other similar incident, your data will be safe.  We have not needed to restore off of tape backup yet.

Same day setup

We will process your account the day we receive payment.  This does not necessarily mean that your domain will be fully functional the day we receive payment.  Domain registration generally takes longer.  On average, you can expect to wait 24-48 hours for a new domain name registration to complete.

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